The Well

After the nut-punch that was December 2014, I’m surprised the holidays went as well as they did.  So now that things are kinda back to normal, its time to give another go at making this blog into…something!

Inspired by today’s post on Dr. Theda’s Crypt, here’s a nasty critter for Witch Hunter.  It should be good for a night’s excursion.

The Thing in the Well (Villain)

Large Diabolical Creature
Fear Rating: 3
Hell’s Favor: 3
Pace: 2

Initiative: 7d Reflexes
Melee: 8d Bite (+8 Damage) (Attack Focus Talent)
Defenses: Avoidance: 2: Fortitude: 4; Discipline: 3
Armor: 1 (Rubbery Hide)
Health Track: 9/9/9/9 (Durability Power)

Talents: Attack Focus (Bite), Fury, Slam
9d: Endurance
8d: Charm, Command, Unarmed, Resolve
7d: Empathy, Reflexes
5d: Mysticism, Stealth, Notice
Fundamental Power/Price: Suggestive / True Name
Additional Powers/Prices:
• Engulf / Weakness (Holy Oil)
• Death Aura / Offensive Limitation (May only use this power on the person or property who has willingly succumbed to its Suggestive power.
• Durability / Obvious Appearance
Story Ability: Demesne (this creature dwells in a cavernous space at the bottom of a well; it cannot leave the confines of the well.)


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