Baby, It’s Cold Outside

This morning, taking the kids to school, the thermometer in the car registered only 20° F.  That’s pretty damn cold for Dallas.  I fully expect to see a lot of cold-themed posts throughout the blogosphere today, so here I am to join the chorus with a fun little ghost I like to call…


(Ghost; Phantom Strain)

Frostblights are the given name for the unquiet spirits of those, usually a vagabond or a person cast out and forsaken by family or community, who have become lost in the snow and ice of winter and perished of exposure.  They are most often encountered in the wilderness, along forlorn roads or streams, or in hidden groves.  These restless spirits haunt the site of their death and the lands surrounding it, filled with hatred for warmth and life.  Many of these are old haunts, and the locals know to avoid these places once the first snows of winter begin to fall.  But travelers, wanderers and other lost souls frequently fall victim to these spiteful phantoms.

Frostblight (Lieutenant)

Fear Rating: 5
Hell’s Favor: 3
Pace: 4

Initiative: Reflexes 4d
Melee: Withering Touch 6d (+8 damage (frost); plus defense drain)
Ranged: None / Thrown Weapon 5d (+6 damage)
Defenses: Avoidance: 4; Fortitude: 2; Discipline: 4
Armor: 2
Health Track: 5/5/5

Talents: Fury, Quench Flames*
Fundamental Power/Price: Incorporeal / Obvious to the Touch and Atmospheric Disturbance
Additional Powers/Prices:

  • Withering Touch / Weakness (Fire)
  • Death Aura (cold, ice) / Nature’s Hate
  • Apparition / Restriction (This spirit is active only between the first and last snow falls of winter, usually at night.)

8d: Notice, Stealth
6d: Unarmed, Melee, Resolve, Charm (Deceive)
5d: Command (Intimidate), Ranged
4d: Reflexes

Description: Frostblights appear much as they did at the time of their death.  Their flesh is pale with a slight bluish hue.

Dramatics: These spirits still feel the sting of their untimely death and seek vengeance from any living being who enters their domain.  A frostblight may appear anywhere within 5 miles of its death.  Their appearance is almost always marked with a drop in temperature and increase in snowfall Atmospheric Disturbance).

*Quench Flames: As a Quick Action, this spirit may extinguish any small (torch) or medium (small campfire) fire in the same zone.


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