Thief-taker: A Background for Witch Hunter

It’s a bit anacronistic, but as historical-fantasy, I think Witch Hunter can take it.


Requirements: Intuition 3

You are a thief-taker, solicited by the victims of crime to recover those stolen belongings precious to them.  The more zealous of your clients further charge you to bring the thief (or thieves) to justice.  Your intentions may be noble or corrupt, extorting your clients or the criminals themselves while making certain your talents are always in demand.

Social Standing: Professional

Abilities: Intuition, Personality, Reason, Toughness

Background Skills: Charm 1, Craft (Evaluate) 1, Empathy 1, Notice 1, Streetwise (Underworld Lore) 1.

Thief-takers gain elective skills in the following categories:

  • Fighting: 2
  • Interaction: 2
  • Movement: 1
  • Professional: 3
  • Reaction: 2

Kit: Common Garb, a Quick Weapon, 100 Resource Points

The Usual Suspects: Thief-takers gain +1d to all Interaction rolls against those with substantial ties to the criminal underworld.

3 thoughts on “Thief-taker: A Background for Witch Hunter

    1. blusponge Post author

      It certainly would. You could easily pick up the Hermetic tradition and a few rites and have a Dresden-ish character. I think there is a lot from the Dresden books that could easily be borrowed for Witch Hunter. I’ve been looking over the details of the Fae Courts very closely.


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