Such a Tease…

A fun tease I just sent out to my players, a reminder that our holiday sabbatical is at an end and that I’m hoping to see everyone for our scheduled game night on Friday.  I miss their camaraderie, but I also worry that if I mull over this “one night adventure” any more it could easily become one of my infamous six-month long one-shots.

Anyway, the tease:

We are a proud people from an ancient line.  Even before the Romans came, with their temples and their laws, we crowned our kings here.

Our fore-bearers journeyed through the darkness and into the light of Christ beloved. My sisters before me watched as Martin Luther stood before us a man and broke the back of the Mother Church. Yet the people of this city, my people, gathered their strength and resolve to choose justice over depravity, tolerance over fanaticism.  And so we persevered.

 When the French came and put this city to the torch, bringing this abysmal winter in their wake, even the most pious among us swore in our hearts that we would see it rise again, praise be to Almighty God.

 Then the devil came, carried on black wings.

– Sister Kamilla, Sisterhood of the Virgin, November 1689


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