The Dweller in the Dark

Here is a horror straight from my own campaign.  This haunting beauty defended the secret tunnel that led to a secret temple of Mithras, abandoned since Roman times, that lay beneath the grounds of the University of Strasbourg.  The cadre heard it first, the quiet weeping of a child.  First revealed, it was hunched in the tunnel, its face turned to the approaching group.  Its shaggy hair and rags disguised its true visage.  When the cadre drew close enough, it turned, snarled, and leapt upon them in fury.

The Dweller in the Dark

Beast / Lieutenant
Fear Rating: 2
Hell’s Favor: 3
Pace: 3

Initiative: 7d Reflexes
Melee: Fists and Bite 6d (+5 DM)
Ranged: 5d (Thrown only)
Defenses: Avoidance 3, Discipline 2, Fortitude 4
Armor: 0
Health Track: 6/6/6

Talents: Attack Focus (Fists), Fury, Slam
• Jumping / Impaired Travel (May not leave tunnel)
• Rampage / Avoidance (Holy Symbol)
• Frightening Call (6d) (S) / Ward (Coven Mark)
8d: Athletics (Climb, Jump)
6d: Unarmed (Striking), Notice, Resolve, Reflexes
5d: Ranged

Description: From a distance, the dweller appears to be a woman, shaggy and unkept.  It has an average build that belies its bestial strength.  It stands and moves much as a gorilla, and has a bestial face to match, pale and hairless, with a broad nose, flattened face and pronounced canines.  It’s scream is horrid.  It walks stooped, on its knuckles, like a primate, but is capable of fantastic leaps to bring it into close contact with prey.

Dramatics: The Dark Coven summoned this beast to guard this passage.  It cannot leave the tunnel, even in pursuit of intruders, beyond 100 feet.  It can sense the presence of a witch of the coven and will allow her to pass.  It’s tactics are simple: draw intruders close through guile, then attack, using its Frightening Call to amplify its Fear Rating.


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