Books for Gamers in Training

Yes, like I suspect a lot of you gamer parents out there, I have found myself counting the days (years) until I can introduce my kids to the Hobbit, Harry Potter and Star Wars.  My oldest is four, and while I know some folks think a 4-year old is ready to handle Harry Potter, Star Wars, or hell, even the Terminator (you usually see those people at the 10:30 pm showing at the theater), I’m not one of them.  And no, Adventure Time is right out (seriously people?).  But my kids are avid readers and we make ready use of our public library.  So while we await the day when our kids are ready to take their first steps into Middle Earth, here are some books your kids might enjoy that are sure to please that sci-fi/fantasy geek in your brain:



Journey and Quest, by Aaron Becker
These were the books that originally inspired this blog post.  These books both tell epic adventures in pictures.  There’s not a word in sight.  Journey leads directly into Quest, and I seem to recall reading a third book is in development. They are great fantasies, full of wondrous vistas, tenacious villains, and high acton. The books are full of potential promps for your kids to follow along, beautifully illustrated and full of color and wonder.  Your kids will love them, and I challenge any gamer parent not to find inspiration herein.


Dragons Love Tacos

Dragons Love Tacos, by Adam Rubin
Chances are by now your kids already love dragons, and who doesn’t love tacos?  And even if your kids loath tacos, who can resist taco-gorging dragons?  Its a fun, short read full of whimsy and color and…well, dragons and tacos.


Oh The Thinks You Can Think!

Oh The Thinks You Can Think, by Dr. Seuss
Think of a ship.  Think up a long trip.  Go visit the Vipper, the Vipper of Vip.  Ok, this one is a no brainer.  It’s Dr. Seuss.  Just a tip, the early reader hardcover is different and longer than the board book.

There are plenty more.  I’ll post them as time permits.  If you have any recommendations of your own, talk about them in the comments section.


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