Called Shots in Witch Hunter

Last Friday, as the cadre tried to get the better of a marauding wyvern that has turned the ruins of Worms into its nocturnal hunting grounds, the topic of called shots came up.  The melee fighters were purposefully staying out of the fight because of the perception that the flying creature was beyond range, even though it was tethered to a building and busy striking one of the party members with its tail.  To me, the GM, that made it’s tail fair game.  So, never missing an opportunity to steal from one of my favorite games, here’s a idea for incorporating called shots into WH.

Where 7th Sea uses Called Raises, WH has a similar mechanic called wagers: a player voluntarily drops dice from his or her dice pool to achieve a special effect.  As written, the game doesn’t make full use of this mechanic, but it gives us a perfect vehicle for this sort of thing.

Called Shot Wager
Arms, Chest, Legs, Tail (large) 1d wager
Feet, Hands, Tail (small) 2d wager
Face, Head 3d wager
Head (damaging) 4d wager

Head (damaging): In addition to the damage roll, a successful damaging head shot reduces all health tracks by 1 point.

Other than the damaging head shot, called shots are largely cosmetic and meant to be used for roleplaying opportunities.  They should not be added to Disarm or Pinning Shot effects (in the latter, the wager is already built in).  At the GM’s discretion, they can be used to circumvent armor.

Yes, the damaging headshot is prohibitive. You are essentially cutting your dice pool in half to achieve the effect. So hopefully the payoff makes it at least a tantalizing proposition for veteran witch hunters.


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