Trickster Spirits in Witch Hunter

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Trickster (Spirit)

Tricksters are spirits, often malicious in nature, that are highly intelligent and whose penchants  for mischief know few bounds.  While some may act or appear buffoonish or foolish, one should never doubt a trickster’s cunning.

Tricksters are speculated to be a lesser form of Faeries, related to the Fair Folk in much the way rawheads and sylphs are.  Given the abundance of tales and lore of these creatures, it is clear that they are easily as powerful as their fair counterparts, and much more pernicious.

In many cultures, a trickster spirit is elevated to the level of folk hero.  But while it is true that the vain, greedy, and hypocritical are easy marks for these mischievous spirits, they view any human being as a potential target of their mayhem.  Some are more discerning than others, being particular about those they target – those who disobey cultural rules or polite behavior.  Others are solitary, isolated beings who only punish those who stumble upon their lair.  But for every one of these, there is the truly malign spirit who will bedevil a victim onto death.

While some have suffered grievous wounds at the hands of a trickster, few do so directly.  For these mercurial sprites are elusive and abhor face to face confrontations.  Instead, most tricksters are capable of simply vanishing in the blink of an eye, only to unleash a more furious onslaught of bedevilry on their opponent moments later.

Fortunately, all tricksters have a weakness, be it curiosity or greed.  This makes them susceptible to careful deception, or to trap if the witch hunter has an imp bottle or similar specially prepared vessel ready.

Leprechaun: These diminutive spirits are solitary and enjoy quiet isolation.  Unique to the island of Ireland, they are not as malicious as many of their kind, enjoying harmless if embarrassing practical jokes.  Leprechauns are unique among trickster spirits in that they will sometimes bond together in small, tight communities and enjoy each other’s company.  Unfortunately, this means one who runs afoul of one of these spiteful sprites may suddenly have to deal with many of them.   Witch Hunters should exercise extreme caution when dealing with leprechauns for this reason.

Clurichaun: Nearly identical to leprechauns in all respects except that they have a much nastier disposition.  They prefer alcohol to gold.

Phooka:  Wicked-minded, dark, loathsome things, these spirits are shape changers and frequently take the appearance of black horses, goats and rabbits.  Their true form is more humanoid, with chimerical animal features.  They prey upon unweary travelers.  While there are tales of benevolent phookas who have lent aid to rural farmers and communities, these appear to be the exception rather than the rule.

With few exceptions, tricksters are solitary entities and do not mix together.  There are no known organizations within their ranks.

Suggested Locales
These spirits range throughout the world and are known to every culture.  Fortunately, they are exceedingly rare except in places where the Seal of Solomon is weakest.  The island nation of Ireland is particularly thick with these creatures. While tricksters can reveal themselves nearly anywhere, most prefer isolation and make their lairs far away from men.  A trickster will usually haunt a particular area until it is forced to leave or grows bored or weary of the place.

Possible Powers and Prices

Corpus (Body) Powers Corpus (Body) Prices
Invisibility Reveal Nature
Mortal Mask Vulnerability
Shape Mask Weak Spot
Malus (Offensive) Powers Malus (Offensive) Prices
Crippling Strike Avoidance
Frightening Presence Prey Exclusion
Malforming Curse Weakness
Sap Ability
Cursus (Movement) Powers Cursus (Movement) Prices
Apparition Lair
Elusive Restriction
Object Manifest
Veneficium (Sorcerous) Powers Veneficium (Sorcerous) Prices
Animal Control Riddle Bound
Immortality Soul Outside
Nature Control True Name
Soulcraft Ward
Telekinesis Word is Law

Powers in Italics are from the Grand Tome of Adversaries (1st edition).

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