A week without a post? Not likely. The plague takes it’s toll on things around here. But fear not! From the pages of my own game, I give you…


Fear Rating: 4
Hell’s Favor: 3
Pace: 6

Initiative: Reflexes 6d

Melee: Claws or Fangs 9d (DM +6); Tail Lance 10d (DM +8; poison)
Ranged: 5d
Defenses: Avoidance 3; Discipline: 2; Fortitude: 5
Armor: 3
Health Track: 11/11/11/11 (Durability Power)

Talents: Brutal Charge (Dive), Danger Sense, Deft Disarm, Fury, Night Vision, Sweep (Tail)
Fundamental Power/Price: Durability (Vulnerability – Wood)
Additional Powers/Prices:

  • Flight (Double, Perfect) (Lair)
  • Armor (Obvious Appearance)
  • Debilitating Poison (Weakness – Holy Symbols)


  • 9d: Melee, Notice,
  • 8d: Endurance, Stealth
  • 7d: Resolve, Command (Intimidation)
  • 6d: Reflexes
  • 5d: Ranged (Thrown)

Description: A wyvern is a monstrous reptilian creature, with winged forearms, taloned feet, and long, whip-like tail that ends in a barbed lance that drips a foul venom.  Wyverns are considered long creatures, and are about the size of a large horse.  They are incredibly strong and easily capable of flying off with a horse (or its rider).  These creatures are incredibly stealthy for their size and excellent hunters.

Dramatics: Against land-based targets, wyvern have several tactical options:

  • Brutal Charge — the wyvern dives from above to inflict terrible damage (+4 DM).
  • Grapple — the wyvern grabs its prey in its talons, and…
  • drops it from above!  The victim plummets to earth and lands on…
    • stone (standard damage: 2d per Area/3 yes fallen)
    • spikes (increased damage; +4d damage; roll d10, on 1 victim is impaled, +6 damage)
    • soft awning/weak roof (fall through, –2d damage)
    • sheer roof (–2d damage; roll d10; 1: falls through, 2–10: slides down)
    • slams it against a building! (Strength + 2d damage)
    • pins and punishes the airborne target!
  • Throw — the wyvern hurls chunks of stone and debris against targets below. (+3 damage)

After Play Report: A mated pair of these critters made for a pretty intimidating encounter. Unfortunately, lots of whiffed damage rolls on both sides led me to drop the durability for the sake of time. The players had a slight advantage with one of the wyverns confined. Given the rate of attrition, I’d say the monster had the advantage. Dropping the Durability power definitely makes for a more manageable encounter for less experienced groups.

And let me just add before signing off that falling damage can be NASTY!!!! Dropping an opponent from 4 Areas might just be the best tactic this creature has. So familiarize yourself with the grapple rules, because once airborne it’s the best option your PC has for survival.


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