Homebrew Talents

With so many Talents spread out across the core line, I haven’t pushed to add to many more new ones to our game.  But over the course of play, I have introduced a few, whether to satisfy a player concept or to close a hole I’ve found in the rules.

Here they are:

Able Drinker (Basic)
Requirement: None
Description: You can really put the liquor away. This could be due to a naturally high constitution, or maybe just a lot of experience. However much you drink, liquor never affects any of your rolls.

Practiced Strike (Heroic)
Requirement: Attack Specialist
Description: When making a damage roll for a weapon for which you have the Attack Specialist Talent, count all rolls of 6 or above as a point of damage.

Weapon Mastery (Heroic)*
Requirement: Marksman 3, Melee 3, or Ranged 3; specialization (or Attack Focus) in desired weapon
Description: When performing a trick with your weapon of mastery, you may choose either to ignore the base Wager penalty (but not additional wager costs for effect) or perform the trick as a Quick Action. You may select this Talent multiple times, each time for a different weapon for which you already specialized in.

Weapon Mastery & Weapon Tricks
The Weapon Mastery Talent is designed to complement the various Weapon Tricks found in Book II: Wealth & Witch Hunting. It is meant to replace the following Talents from the Core Rules:
• Pinning Shot (Heroic)
• Ricochet Shot (Heroic)
• Riposte (Greater)
• Two Arrow Shot (Heroic)

*If you’ve been following this blog for awhile now, you’ll have seen the rough draft of the Weapon Mastery Talent. This is its final form as we are employing it in our campaign.


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