A Little Gift from Salem

So Season 2 of Salem kicked off last Sunday.  I have mixed feelings about the show.  It wants so badly to be good, but its as though the writers/producers just can’t bring themselves to go beyond the most base stereotypes.  I’m hoping that the new season is an improvement.  Don’t get me wrong, its not as bad as a lot of shows out there.  Just when you hold it up to a lot of genre serial programming these days (Walking Dead, American Horror Story, etc.) it just falls flat.

But it does make for good fodder for your Witch Hunter campaign.

This showed up in the first 15 minutes of the premier:

Lend Me Your Sight (Basic Witchcraft)
Mastery: 2
Time: None/1 round
Duration: 1 minute
Strain: 2
Damnation: 0/0
Description: With the activation of this rite, the warlock plucks his eyes from his head and places them into the hands of a willing subject. Despite the unsettling scene, the warlock suffers no damage from this act. Nor is he blind, for while he has no physical eyes, he may see as ever. At the end of the rite’s duration, the warlock’s eyes rot away only to regenerate back in their sockets, just as they were prior to the rite’s casting.

The subject is then granted a vision of anything the warlock has seen within the past 24 hours. This includes glimpses of the Invisible World experienced by the warlock. The vision is vivid, as though the subject had experienced it himself. It can be disorienting, however, and the subject must make a successful D3 Resolve+Will roll or collapse retching for 1-2 minutes after the vision has passed.

  • Boost: Increase Mastery by 1 to extend the breadth of time to anything the warlock has seen within 7 days.
  • Boost: Increase Mastery by 1 to extend the rite’s duration by 1 minute.

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