Spreadin’ the Word: Grand Tome of Adversaries Kickstarter

Alright, so this morning Paradigm Concepts rolled out the kickstarter campaign for the 2nd edition of the Grand Tome of Adversaries.  This is the Witch Hunter equivalent of the monster manual, full of villainous societies, masterminds, monsters, and all manner of nasty tricks for the GM to hurl in the face of the players.

And dammit, it’s long overdue!

Sing a song of sixpence, pockets full of rye…

Looking back at the original edition, the Grand Tome was maybe the second or third book in the line up, and trailed the core book by only 6 months or so.  For a game about big damn heroes kicking monsters in the teeth, yeah it’s a pretty essential book.  I can’t imagine running the game I’m running now the way I’m running it without it.  And that’s meant a lot of conversion work.  Not brain surgery by any stretch of the imagination, but its time away from cooking up adventure hooks and diabolical twists.

So get to the point already!  Yeah, I’m doing my part to drum up support here.  The first edition was a solid book, and word on the street is this is mostly a straight conversion with some new forbidden societies and new monsters in it.  And the hard work is done for you.  So you can get busy creating new stuff rather than reinterpreting old stuff!

Yeah, but you’re like the only person in the blogosphere who plays this game.  What’s in it for me?  Alright, listen up fellow swashbucklers.  You play Savage Worlds?  Savage World of Solomon Kane?  Rippers, maybe?  Boom!  You’re welcome.  Sure you gotta do a little work, but c’mon!  It’s Savage Worlds.  Converting a monster takes 5 minutes.  Let’s go farther afield.  All for One: Regime Diabolique?  Same thing.  Works just fine.  In fact, I’ve been looking at bringing some of that game’s secret societies into my wider WH world (because the Daughters of Medea are too cool).  Honor+Intrigue?  If you have the sorcery dials turned up, yes.  Same thing with Pirates of the Spanish Main (another Savage World). Flashing Blades?  Ok, you got me there.  7th Sea?  Sure, why not?  Been to Eisen lately?  It’s crawling with the sort of critters in the book.  World of Darkness?  Have you seen the stuff they are working on for the Dark Eras book?  Peanut butter and jelly, my friend. That should cover most of the swashbuckling genre outside the d20/OGL/OSR sphere.  If those guys can’t figure out what to do with another monster book, well…

Interesting Trivia: Rucht Lilavivat, the writer behind the Grand Tome of Adversaries, also wrote the Savage Foes of Solomon Kane.  And for those of you wondering, nope.  Very little overlap.

Point is, the PDF is going to have something you can use.

Anyway, this is great news for me, my players, other Witch Hunter players (yeah, you guys in the back) and anyone else who likes the creamy combination goodness of swashbuckling adventure and horror.  It also means, for the rest of you, the end of these Threat Conversion articles.  Though I am planning to dig into All for One and the Savage Foes of Solomon Kane (Ichynites, I’m looking at you!).  And for that one guy (or gal) who picked up WH because of this blog (I’m being generous), you gotta have this too – the game isn’t really complete without it.

Oh, and for those of you looking over the stretch goals, yes the Aztec book is pretty darn cool.  Yes, it’s VERY alt-history (spoiler: Cortez doesn’t fair quite so easily in the WH world).  No, not all Aztecs are bad guys.  And no, they do not shoe in God and the Devil – the Aztec gods are…something else.

And a Witch Hunter short fiction anthology?  Yes, please!!  If this were still the 90’s we’d have two of them by now. (Yeah, yeah, I know.  Gamer fiction.  Blah, blah, blah.)

Anyway, throw some love to the guys at Paradigm.  They are good eggs with good games that not nearly enough people are playing.


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