More Salem Inspired…Goodness?

Another week, another Rite inspired by Salem.  In two instances early in Season 2, we see Countess Marburg (Lucy Lawless) discover or confirm tantalizing details of others by tasting their blood.  She does this in person with Anne Hale (Tamzin Merchant) and again through a monstrous spirit projection with Mary Sibley (Janet Montgomery).  Seems easy enough to reproduce for Witch Hunter, but no where near monstrous enough to warrant a damnation cost.  To give it a bit of extra utility, I’m making it an Animism rite as well.

A Taste of Legacy (Greater Rite)
Devotions: Animism, Witchcraft
Mastery: 3
Time: 1 minute/1 round
Duration: Instant
Strain: 2
Damnation: 0/0
Description: By tasting the fresh blood of a subject, the sorcerer learns something of his history.  The blood must be tasted from a fresh wound, though whether made by a weapon or something more crude (a bite) makes no difference.  The blood can be given freely or taken by force (a standard attack roll).  Either way, the subject suffers at least 1 point of damage in the exchange. When this rite is performed, the sorcerer makes a Sorcerous Tradition roll.  The number of successes dictate the number of details that can be learned.

Successes # of Details
0-2 1
3 2
4 3
5+ 4

This list details some of the details that might be discovered.  These are guidelines, and the GM is encouraged to allow for more if the player has a good idea.

  • The identity of the subject’s parents or grandparents
  • confirm the identity of any important family members within the last five generations
  • family curses or bloodline legacies
  • the subject’s flaws
  • the subject’s virtue or vice
  • the nature of any sorcerous tradition followed by the subject
  • the subject’s level in any one skill or ability
  • the name and location of the subject’s birthplace

This rite can not be used to reveal the True Name of the subject.  Any such attempt results in double the normal Strain points.  Neither may the blood tasted be then used to form a sympathetic link with the subject.  The “taste” of blood is entirely consumed in the rite.

Once completed, the sorcerer may parlay this information into a +2d bonus to any Interaction roll with the subject for a single scene.

  • Boost: Increase the Mastery of the Rite by 2 to perform this rite at a distance through supernatural means of a bound spirit, a familiar, or similar conduit.

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