Witch Hunter to Savage Worlds Conversion Guide

With the Kickstarter campaign for the 2nd edition Grand Tome of Adversaries book in full swing, I can’t stress its value to fans of the Savage Worlds of Solomon Kane.  Not that Savage Worlds doesn’t have enough critters to keep the players busy for a long while, the lore of Witch Hunter goes hand in glove with SWoSK.  What’s better, building NPCs and adversaries in SW is a snap.

But for a SW GM coming to WH hoping to use some of the material for his or her game, he or she may have some issues if they don’t have a copy of the core rulebook laying around.  And that can be a tall order when all you want to do is use a critter (maybe even one from this blog!) or an adventure scenario.  So to help grease the skids, here’s a handy conversion guide.  It’s mainly focused on converting monsters from one system to another.  It’s not comprehensive either, so SW GMs will still have to use their imaginations to finesse the material.  As always, converting to SW is about the spirit of the rules, not direct conversions.  So use common sense when you run into something that doesn’t make sense.

Ready?  Ok.

Witch Hunter Ability Level Savage Worlds Attribute Die
1 d4
2 d6
3 d8
4 d10
5 d12+
Witch Hunter Skill Dice Pool Savage Worlds Skill Die
1-2 d4
3-4 d6
5-6 d8
7-8 d10
9-10 d12+
Attribute/Ability Comparisons
Savage Worlds Attribute Witch Hunter Ability
Agility Agility
Smarts (Education+Reason+Intuition)/3
Spirit (Will+Resolve)/2
Strength Strength
Vigor (Toughness+Will)/2
Personality to Charisma Bonus
Personality (WH) Charisma (SW)
1-2 0
3 +1
4 +2
5 +4
Miscellaneous Traits
Witch Hunter Savage Worlds
Hell’s Favor Creature’s average Attribute score (use Ability to Attribute)
Threat Rating Minions’ average Attribute score (use Ability to Attribute)
Pace Double for SW Pace (3=6)
Armor Equal to SW Armor
Resolve Skill 7d+ Add either Level Headed or Quick Edge
Minion, Lieutenant Non-Wild Card
Attack Focus (weapon type) Add Trademark Weapon or comparable Edge
Skill Equivalencies
Savage Worlds Witch Hunter (Focus in Parenthesis)
Boating Boating
Climbing Athletics (Climb)
Driving Ride (Drive)
Fighting Melee or Unarmed
Gambling Gamble
Guts Resolve
Healing Heal
Intimidation Command (Intimidate)
Investigation Scholarship (Research)
Knowledge Scholarship (Trained Knowledge), Mysticism, Navigation, Speak Language
Lockpicking Craft (Disable)
Notice Notice
Persuasion Charm
Repair Craft
Riding Ride (Horsemanship)
Shooting Marksman or Ranged
Stealth Stealth
Survival Survival (Forage)
Swimming Athletics (Swim)
Taunt Charm
Throwing Ranged
Tracking Survival (Track)
Creature Size
Witch Hunter Savage Worlds
Tiny or less -2
Small -1
Medium 0 (Human-sized)
Long 2-4
Large 2-5
Huge-Gargantuan+ 6+
Welcome to the War against the Adversary! Are you a fan of Witch Hunter? Active on Google+? Then come join the conversation on the Witch Hunter: The Invisible World Google+ Community. It’s new, outnumbered and needs your support!

8 thoughts on “Witch Hunter to Savage Worlds Conversion Guide

  1. Tobias Wolter

    Thanks a lot for this, very helpful, as I’m currently converting WH to SW myself.
    Would you mind looking at some ideas for the WH orders and benefits using SW?

    Keep on posting,



  2. Tobias Wolter

    Hi again Tom,

    great, I’ll polish up what I have put together so far. You want me to post it here or should I PM you over on the Paradigm forums?



    1. blusponge Post author

      Interesting question. I really hadn’t thought of it before. True Faith and Damnation touch on a lot of different aspects of the WH game. I think this one might require a blog post on its own.


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