Everybody Loves an Index!

I host a lot of gaming aids and lists on the downloads page, mostly for Witch Hunter since that’s getting the lion share of my attention these days.  Unfortunately, I can’t share EVERYTHING.  Copyright laws and common decency get in the way of that.  But I do try and share what I make for myself in some way or another.

The latest addition, the Threat Summaries, is a pretty decent index of all the threats I have available to me for the Witch Hunter game, organized by Threat and Strain as well as Category (an archaic term that didn’t survive the transition between editions that I find helpful all the same).  It also complete lists of Powers and Prices, updated with the new ones from the new Grand Tome of Adversaries edition.  This should be a real help when it comes to creating new threats as well as tracking down obscure strains of creatures.  It also includes descriptions of the different categories, somewhat condensed from the 1st edtion Witch Hunter rulebook.

Hope you find it a worthy addition to the mix.


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