I Melt His Face! (New Tools for the Witch Hunter GM!)

One of the things that annoys me about creating new threats in Witch Hunter (and plenty of other RPGs, too), is the powers menu is just a big alphabetized mess.  I want my giant demon snake to have a nasty bite.  But other than slapping a Rank and Damage Modifier on that, what can you do with it.  Is that a Crippling Strike or a Maiming Strike?  Or neither?  These powers are all over the place, and once you start getting down to matching them with Prices, I can see where new GMs are going to be flustered.

So dovetailing with the previously released GM Threat Summaries, today I’ve rolled out a two-page aid that should help with all that: the Special Powers Summaries aid.  That’s the boring descriptive title of it, anyway.  It more colorfully goes by “Claw/Claw/Bite” and “I Melt His Face!

Claw/Claw/Bite includes descriptive summaries of the various physical attack powers in Witch Hunter.  This is going to save you time while trying to decide what that big demon snake’s bite is going to do.

I Melt His Face! focuses on big, splashy magical effects.  Things like Hellfire, or Blast Attack, or the various damaging auras.  They are all in there.  The descriptions are a bit more robust, because you kinda need to know these things when building your threats.

These two aids have helped speed things up when I’ve been working on new critters, and hopefully they will work for the rest of you Witch Hunter GMs, too.

Welcome to the War against the Adversary! Are you a fan of Witch Hunter? Active on Google+? Then come join the conversation on the Witch Hunter: The Invisible World Google+ Community. It’s new, outnumbered and needs your support!

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