New Witch Hunter Products…

Over the past two months, two big releases for Witch Hunter have appeared on DriveThruRPG.

Rites and Relics: A sorcery-centric sourcebook filled with new toys for sorcerers in the Witch Hunter game.  This book updates most of the sorcerous material from The Blessed and the Damned as well as the missing grimoires and relics from the 1st edition core, some of which provide clues to the secret history of the world of Witch Hunter.

  • Who is it for: Players and GMs
  • Why You Need This:  Not only does it include a slew of new rites for the traditions in the core book (Animism, Hermeticism and Prayer), it also includes full treatments of Kabbalah, Alchemy and Voodoo.  Two new Orders of Solomon are profiled: the Rose and Cross (Magi order) and the Seekers of Emet (Jewish relic hunters).  The coverage of grimoires and relics, while not indispensable, definitely improves the scope of the witch hunter game.  The book incorporates the errata from the core book.
  • Why You Don’t: The book doesn’t really cover any new ground.  Everything that’s covered here has been covered before.  Given the scope of the book, its a bit of a missed opportunity.  For instance, there’s no information about other sorcerous organizations like the Eighth Seal.  Necromancers are still missing as threats, and there is no discussion about orders of magi in the non-Christian world, specifically the implications of the Trials.
  • Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

Grand Tome of Adversaries: The definitive book of threats, villainous organizations and sorcery.  This book is essential to any long-term Witch Hunter campaign.  The forbidden societies provide enough adventure hooks to be worthy of a book themselves.  Some of the guidance in the GM section feels a smidge dated (Don’t give Minions the Hellfire Power?  Ummm…have you read the Diabolist Threat in the core book?) but that’s small potatoes compared to everything else this book contains.

  • Who is it for: Game Masters
  • Why You Need This: Threats definitely got an overhaul in 2nd edition, making this update incredibly valuable to any GM.  But unlike Rites & Relics, we get a lot of new material alongside the updates.  A half dozen new threats, a handful of new forbidden societies, and new Story Abilities and Themes.  Even if you own the original GToA, this book is worth the cover price just for the conversion time it will save you.
  • Why You Don’t: This book doesn’t offer any conversion guidelines for 1st edition threats, the necromancer threat is still missing, and the building guidelines from 1st edition have been streamlined out of existence. It would have been nice to see some tools on how to gauge the impact of different Defenses and Damage output.  Also, no minions!!!
  • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars.

These titles are available now in PDF with softcover versions forthcoming.  Those of you who like your shiny hardcopies should start pestering your FLGS now.

Welcome to the War against the Adversary! Are you a fan of Witch Hunter? Active on Google+? Then come join the conversation on the Witch Hunter: The Invisible World Google+ Community. It’s new, outnumbered and needs your support!

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