All Hallows Eve-Fest: The Boogeyman of the Alps

The Böögg

From the journals of the Grey Pilgrim:

A strain of boogeymen, the böögg haunts the desolate climes and isolated mountain villages of the Alpine mountains.  These fiends have been encountered as far east as the Carpathians.  They are dormant most of the year, only creeping from its hidden lair after the first winter snowfalls.  Indeed, the böögg itself may well me a monstrous manifestation of winter itself, a horrid Jack Frost.  The böögg haunts the wintery mountains by night, preying on those who cross its path.  They are ambush hunters, always striking by surprise.  They are capable of burrowing through the heavy snows and dragging unsuspecting victims to a frozen death.  Many of their victims are not seen again until the spring thaw.  All the victims share a common trait: a grimace of abject terror, punctuated by death.

Accurate descriptions of the böögg are hard to come by, for the fear they exude makes rational thought in their presence impossible for most victims. All böögg wear a wooden mask, the likeness of which is different for each creature.  I have been told the revelation of a böögg’s face is enough to strike men dead with terror.  I am suspicious of these claims myself.

Böögg (Villain)

Fear Rating: 5
Hell’s Favor: 3
Pace: 3

Initiative: Reflexes 6d
Melee: Claws 8d (+6 damage)
Ranged: None
Defenses: Avoidance 3; Discipline 3; Fortitude 4
Armor: None
Health Track: 7/7/7

Talents: Grand Fury, Iron Grip, Sneaky, Spiteful Comeback

  • 10d Survival (Track)
  • 8d: Command (Intimidate), Endurance, Resolve, Stealth, Survival (Tracking)
  • 6d: Athletics (Climb), Notice, Reflexes

Fundamental Power/Price: Debilitative Aura (Intense Cold) / Mystical Limitation (Only those who fail their Fear roll are affected by this aura)

Additional Powers/Prices:

  • Elemental Form (Ice) / Vulnerability (Fire)
  • Frightening Call (Remove Mask) / Feeder
  • Burrow (through snow and ice) / Lair (these creatures must return to their lair at dawn)
  • Withering Touch (cold) / Nature’s Hate

Story Ability: Dramatic Appearance / Only active after dark

Description: Böögg are very tall, between 7 and 8 feet in height, with long, gangly limbs.  They walk with a hunch and rarely rise to their full height.  They dress in rags.  All böögg wear a wooden mask, the likeness of which is different for each creature.  Beneath this mask, the böögg’s horrid features are concealed behind a bare expanse of thinly stretched flesh, giving only an impression of the creature’s true face.

Dramatics: Most of the böögg’s powers revolve around cold and fear.  It’s Frightening Call power is unusual in that it takes the form of the creature removing its mask.  The sight of the böögg’s face requires a second Fear roll from all within the same Area.  Even if the previous fear roll succeeded, failure on the second roll will make the target vulnerable to the böögg’s Debilitative Aura.


Böögg (Wild Card)

Attributes: Agility d8, Smarts d6, Spirit d8, Strength d12, Toughness d10
Skills: Climbing d8, Fighting d10, Guts d8, Intimidate d8, Notice d8, Stealth d10, Tracking d8
Pace: 6, Parry: 7; Toughness: 7
Special Abilities:

  • Aura of Cold: All targets within a Large Burst Template centered on the böögg must make a Vigor roll each round or suffer a level of Fatigue.
  • Burrow: The böögg can move its Pace through snow and ice.
  • Fear (–4): The böögg exudes an aura of fear.  All in its presence must make a Guts roll at –4.
  • Icy Claws: Str+d8
  • Lair: The böögg must return to its lair at dawn.  For every hour it is delayed, it suffers d8 damage.
  • Mask: The sight of the böögg’s true face can strike a man dead with fear.  It may remove its mask to force all in its presence to make a second fear roll.  Those who fail also suffer d8 damage.
  • Vulnerability (Fire): Böögg’s suffer an additional d6 of damage from Fire based attacks.

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