All Hallow’s Eve Fest III: The Mummy


From the journals of the Grey Pilgrim:

The burial arts of the ancient Egyptians prepared the dead for an eternal afterlife. A mummy often appears as a desiccated corpse wrapped in soiled linen bandages.  The preservation process leaves the flesh dried out and iron hard. 

Mummies are a strain of Revenant, similar to a wight. A Mummy might lie at rest within its tomb for centuries until disturbed, either by tomb robbers or curious explorers.  Awakened from its rest, the mummy spares no effort to seek out and destroy those who have intruded upon it.

I have encountered two types of mummies in my travels across the deserts of Egypt.  There are no doubt more throughout the East and perhaps even in the New World.

  • Servitor Mummies: These creatures were lowly servants or protectors entombed with the noble to safeguard him or her during the afterlife.  When the burial site is intruded upon, the ancient magics that protect it from desecration often animate these defenders.  They are fierce, but nearly as mindless as a ghul.
  • Noble Mummies: These mummies are by far the most powerful that I have encounter.  Worse, they possess a keen intellect and a terrible cunning, making them as dangerous as any wight, perhaps more.  A noble mummy has the ability to issue terrible curses upon its foes that follow them to the end of days.

Servitor Mummy (Minion)
Threat Rating: 3
Hell’s Favor: 1
Pace: 3
Sp. Attack: Claws (+2/+5)
Talents: Iron Fisted, Swarm
Fundamental Power/Price: Wall Crawling/Impaired Travel (May not leave the confines of the tomb)
Skills: Notice 4d, Resolve 6d

Noble Mummy (Villain)
Fear Rating: 4
Hell’s Favor: 4
Pace: 3

Initiative: Reflexes 6d
Melee: Claws 8d (+4 damage); ankh (club) 6d (+6 damage)
Ranged: None
Defenses: Avoidance 3; Discipline 4; Fortitude 4
Armor: 1 (Hardened flesh)
Health Track: 7/7/7/7

Talents: Brutal Charge, Iron Fisted, Slam

  • 10d: Endurance
  • 8d: Command (Intimidate), Resolve
  • 6d: Mysticisim, Notice, Reflexes, Stealth

Fundamental Power/Price: Debilitative Poison (Curse)/Offensive Limitation (the mummy may only curse a target that has invaded its tomb)

Additional Powers/Prices:

  • Soulcraft/Focus Bound (Punish those who invade and/or rob its tomb)
  • Durability/Allergen (Salt)
  • Withering Touch/Fragmented Soul
  • Regeneration/Vulnerability (Fire)

Story Ability/Price: Dramatic Appearance/May only appear before someone who has invaded its tomb.

Dramatics: The noble mummy’s Debilitative Poison power takes the form of vile curses that can be hurled at those who have intruded upon the creature’s rest.  The target need not (and probably will not) understand the language the curse is spoken in.  Those who fall to the curse become mad and homicidal before finally succumbing to death.

No Savage Worlds stats for this one, guys n gals.  I don’t think its possible to find a Savage Setting with a horror component and NOT find some variation of mummy already.

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