Failed Save: Gamer ADHD

Please excuse the radio silence folks.  Some of my favorite blogs have gone on hiatus for the holidays, but I’m not done quite yet.  But between Thanksgiving, dueling cases of bronchitis, the third circle of Hell that is Sears Appliance delivery, and the regular list of honey-dos, it can be hard to collect your thoughts, let alone put them down in semi-legible format.  Hell, this simple paragraph has been interrupted three times as the little one struggles with his spiralgraph.


Anyway, gamer ADHD.  Lots of people struggle with it.  Lately, I’ve been battling an acute case of it.  Now, I have no interest in ditching my Witch Hunter game.  But it doesn’t help that most of the stuff they’ve been doing over the past two years, I scribbled notes on in 2013 when we started playing.

In September/October, we went a month and a half (that’s three game sessions for us) where we just didn’t play.  Either I was traveling or we couldn’t make a quorum.  That didn’t help matters any.  During that time, a steady procession of older games got a second look (and sometimes more from me): Dangerous Journeys, Lejendary Adventure, Elric!, Atlantis and Omni, multiple flavors of D&D.  Even my old Darkurthe Legends books came out of deep carbon freeze!  Yes folks, it’s that bad.  Geez, you’d think I had a good idea for a fantasy campaign but…not really.

bullwinkleAnother problem is there just isn’t much going on in Witch Hunter circles.  It’s just…damn quite.  I’m no stranger to games with small player bases (Lejendary Adventure and TSR’s SAGA come to mind), but never this quiet.  Hell, even the creators and publisher are nearly silent on the game.  A lot of times, I worry that I’ve either become the loud mouthed know it all (who really doesn’t know much at all) or else that guy who sucks up all the oxygen in the room.  Either way, I do more harm with my contributions than by shutting up.  It can be hard to maintain a certain creative pace when your only encouragement is a “+1” in the Google+ group.

I know, first world problems, right?

I wish I had easy answers for how to beat this dire affliction.  It really does kick time management in the scrotum.  But here’s the thing: as long as my players are willing and motivated, I EASILY have another year of Witch Hunter in me.  Yes, some of the elements date back to my old 7th Sea game nearly 12 years distant, but a lot of it is fresh, new and cool.  Stuff that I’ve been wanting to do in a game for a looong time.

2 thoughts on “Failed Save: Gamer ADHD

    1. blusponge Post author

      Crap, Mr. Hat. I’m sorry to hear that. I know how that feels, and being this time of the year only makes it worse. Wrap your family around you and hold tight. The game (and the blog) will wait.



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