2015: A Retrospective


I began this blog in 2014, but it quickly got sidetracked by walking pneumonia and family holiday obligations.  So 2015 has been the real test.  So lets take a look back shall we?

Most of what’s gone on around here has been focused on the Witch Hunter RPG.  That only makes sense as that’s what I’ve been running for my home group.

Threats and Adversaries

House Rules & Homebrews

A Witch Hunter’s Guide To Frankfurt

But not everything around here was about 17th Century monster hunting.

Book Reviews

Game Master Roundtable

Oh, and we also got involved in the (short-lived) GM Roundtable discussion

Retrospective Surprises

But the one article that got the most surprise attention, looking back on all the statistics was the one summation of the Kult: Divinity Lost announcement!  Whodathunkit?!


So, looking back at all that, 2015 was pretty productive around here.  I’m actually kind of amazed!  Will 2016 be nearly as prolific?  I sure as Hell intend to make it so.  I’ve still got a lot of ground to cover.  But let’s wait and see what happens.


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