New Years Resolutions for 2016



For 2016, here are things I’m aspiring to do as a Game Master, to improve my craft, my game, and my players’ experience:

  1. Front load fights in play!  Let’s get the blood pumping at the beginning of the game session, not when everyone is ready to sign off and go to bed.
  2. Use more tactics. Why should the players be the only ones taking Stances and making Wild Assaults.  The bad guys need to be using more of those tactics, too.
  3. More Sorcery!  I’ve never been good at using magic with adversaries.  This is the year we work on that.
  4. Pick up the Pacing! I’m going to try to include more quickly resolved encounters and hooks.  
  5. Punch up the Roleplaying with Intra-Factional Conflict.  None of these Witch Hunter Orders are supposed to get a long that well.  So let’s spice things up a bit with more roleplaying conflict.
  6. Watch Actual Play Videos from Roll20.  I have a lot to learn about making the Roll20 experience as good as it can be.
  7. Play an unrelated game on Roll20.  Same reason as above.
  8. Do more with handouts and rollable tables.  Quit worrying about Roll Templates and focus on the stuff that can really punch up the player experience.

There.  Eight things to focus on in 2016.  That shouldn’t be to hard.  And maybe I’ll get a blog article or two out of the effort.


2 thoughts on “New Years Resolutions for 2016

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