KULT Kickstarter Announced

Straight from the Kult: Divinity Lost Facebook page…

Mark the date February 25 in your calendars! Let’s break the Illusion on that day!

Together with this announcement we will start doing regular major updates once a week, on Fridays, with the next one being the Official first (this one is more of a preview). Each update will focus on different aspects of KULT: Divinity Lost. Some will be more philosophical in tone, others will show crunch and rules mechanics from the actual game.

We are also launching a community hub in a few weeks’ time, which will act as the center point (or as a Citadel?) for communication and feedback.

What we would really appreciate is if you can help spread the word about the coming of KULT: Divinity Lost, on websites, forums, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Please suggest to like this page, and/or sign up for news on http://kultdivinitylost.com/ And if you know of bloggers or influencers, please let them know about us, or give us feedback so we can seek them out.

We are very, very excited to start showing more stuff as to what our vision and goal is for this 25 year anniversary edition of KULT, and what it will bring to the demanding gamers of today!

Dark regards,

-Marco, Project Lead

So February 25.  That’s going to be a tight squeeze with 7th Sea: 2nd edition being kickstarted in late-January/early-February.  It will be interesting to see what sort of array of products are offered as part of the Kickstarter.  As much as I love KULT, it takes the right group to do it right.  So this may be a pdf core book only acquisition for me.

Here is some of the artwork featured in the KULT: Divinity Lost.  Nothing beats the original seraphim artwork, but this looks beautiful nonetheless.


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