Over on For Honor…and Intrigue blog, Gaston’s Hat has been teasing for some time about his creepy animated scarecrows.  And while I understand the cloak of secrecy, I was very eager to see what they were…made of, so to speak.  Well, the veil has been lifted.

And so, with Mr. Hat’s blessings, I present to you these creepy bags of nasty in full Witch Hunter glory.

But first, some mood music.

Devilish Scarecrows


There are several ways to include scary, animated scarecrows in your Witch Hunter game. Let’s start with a simple band of minions, perfect for Villains with an unusual Dark Flock ability, or for weird one-off encounters.

Hay-Men (Minion)

Threat Rating: 2 or 3
Hell’s Favor: 1
Pace: 3
Special Attack: Fists +2/+2
Talents: Night Vision, Fearless

  • Immunity (Bullets and Piercing Weapons)/Damage (Fire)


Then we move up the chain a bit.  The truly frightening scarecrows are simulacrums created by a diabolist or witch.


Create Grave Scarecrow (Villianous Rite)

Traditions: Diabolism, Witchcraft
Mastery: 4
Time: 30 minutes/2 rounds
Duration: 1 week
Strain: 2
Description: With this profane rite, the sorcerer binds the tortured spirit of a murdered sacrifice to a horrid, straw-stuffed simulacrum (other vessels, such as puppets or dolls, though uncommon, are not unheard of).  The scarecrow must be specially prepared with gylphs and sigils to make it a proper vessel.  The heart of the victim, sacrificed by the sorcerer’s own hand, is placed within the chest cavity of the vessel.  The simulacrum is then placed within a Summoning Circle for the rite to be performed.  Successfully completed, the spirit of the sacrificed victim is bound to the heart within the scarecrow, animating it and under the complete control of the sorcerer.

A sorcerer may command a number of these simulacrums equal to his or her sorcerous tradition skill rank.

  • Boost: Increase the Mastery of the Rite by 1 to extend the duration to 1 month.

Grave Scarecrow (Lieutenant)

Fear Rating: 2
Hell’s Favor: 2
Pace: 2

Initiative: 6d Reflexes

Melee: Fists 6d (+4 damage)
Ranged: None
Defenses: Avoidance 3, Discipline 3, Fortitude 4
Armor: 0
Health Track: 5/5/5/5

Talents: Fearless, Fury, Night Vision, Shattering Attack

  • Immunity (Bullets and Piercing Weapons)/Damage (Fire)
  • Gestalt Body/Weak Spot (“Heart”)
  • Durability/Reveal Nature (Glowing Eyes)
  • Ultimate Master


  • 10d: Endurance
  • 6d: Reflexes, Notice, Unarmed
  • 5d: Stealth
  • 4d: Command (Intimidate), Resolve

Dramatics: Grave Scarecrows are a construct of diabolism or witchcraft. They are very strong, able to break down doors and shatter furniture, fixtures, even weapons! They move with a lurching, shambling gait and their motion sounds like boughs creaking and sighing in the breeze. They obey the will of their creator and can be summoned to their creator from a distance.


The Scar-Crow Men

8391189The insidious doppelgangers of Mark Chadborne’s The Scar-Crow Men are created through ancient fey glamours, unknown to men and highly guarded by the fey (both Summer and Winter Courts).  They are created to serve as spies and saboteurs among the mortal realm.

Scar-Crow Man (Lieutenant)

Fear Rating: 1
Hell’s Favor: 2
Pace: 3

Initiative: 6d Reflexes

Melee: Rapier 6d (+4 damage)
Ranged: Pistol 6d (+4 damage)
Defenses: Avoidance 3, Discipline 3, Fortitude 3
Armor: 0
Health Track: 6/6/6

Talents: Appealing, Cheat, Slam, Unreadable

  • Mimicry Mask*/Reveal Nature (Do not bleed)


  • 8d: Charm (Gossip, Persuade), Notice, Stealth
  • 6d: Empathy, Reflexes, Melee, Notice, Ranged, Resolve
  • 4d: Endurance

* This power is part of the glamour that disguises the true form of this creature.  Unlike the normal version of this power, the scare-crow man may not change its appearance once it has duplicated a target subject.

** Scare-crow men are generally crafted by fey sorcerers to closely match the skills of the target they are meant to imitate.  The skills listed here are merely examples.  

Dramatics: Scar-crow men are nearly indistinguishable from the subject they mimic.  In reality, they are little more than well crafted bags of straw cloaked in a veil of glamour.  When wounded, they do not bleed, but leak tuffs of straw and stuffing.  Only in “death” is the veil lifted and the true form of the scare-crow man revealed.



4 thoughts on “Scarecrow

    1. blusponge Post author

      Thanks, Mr. Hat. I hope I kept the flavor and spirit of your creation intact. Plus it gave me an excuse to add the scar-crow men (which admittedly still need some work — hard to make this stuff when you are hopped up on cold meds).


      1. blusponge Post author

        Cool! Thanks! And the whole doll thing has precedent with watch dolls. I should probably revise my scarecrows as a for of watch doll now that I think about it. But at the time I was thinking penny dreadful.


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