The Ripple Effect

A while back, I posted a collection of homebrew talents my group uses in our game.  One of these, Weapon Mastery, was put together to get rid of a bunch of redundant talents that should have been superseded by Weapon Tricks in the new edition of Witch Hunter.

This week, while doing some prep work for the new story arc, I noticed that by getting rid of those obnoxious talents, I’d pretty much gutted the Rank III Order Benefits for the Stalkers of the Unseen Hunt.  Easy fix, of course.  And a few email exchanges later, the Stalkers are as good as new.  Maybe even better.

For those of you following along at home, here is the revised Benefit (WH2, pg 95):

Rank III: The Stalker gains one of the above Basic or Greater Talents or one of the following Heroic Talents: Armor Piercing Shot, Grace & Speed, Lightning Draw, Lightning Reload, or Practiced Strike. The Stalker does not need to meet the Talent’s prerequisites and this talent does not count against the limitation regarding the number of Heroic Talents.

The list is a bit bigger than the other Rank Benefits.  Since Lightning Draw and Lightning Reload do essentially the same thing but apply to different weapons (firearms vs bows), it didn’t make sense to exclude one over the other. This list was approved by the players, which means there is a good chance it’s hopelessly overpowered.  But my other options, Brutal Charge and Veteran Warrior, don’t have any prerequisites.  So I decided they would be of less value as a benefit.

Wait.  You noticed that did you?  That Stab and Shoot was ditched but isn’t on the list of Talents replaced by Weapon Mastery?  You’re a sharp one, aren’t you.  Stay tuned for that.



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