New Downloads for the OSR Crowd

What some of you may not know is that for the last 8 years I’ve been running a roleplaying game for teens at the Lewisville Public Library.  For almost all of that time, I’ve used Savage Worlds as the ruleset.  It’s fast, furious, and fun…well, fun anyway — name me a system that doesn’t bog down when you have 12 players of varying experience at the table.  But this year we are doing something different.  When I put it to a vote, the players almost unanimously voted for an old school dungeoncrawl.  Personally, I was pitching the new Rippers: Resurrected book, but I was out-voted.  Now, Savage Worlds does fantasy very well.  But for weird, old school mega-dungeon style adventure, there is just no beating the original (ok, maybe Dungeonslayers, but I already own enough D&D material to choke a horse, so lets use it!).

So as I set to work on my not-so-mega-megadungeon, I’ve started working on tools for me and the players to make our lives easier.  The first three are no available on the Downloads page.

  • The Marching Order sheet allows a player or GM to keep track of the party’s formation.  It’s designed for large parties (up to 30 individuals, 3 abreast).  You’ll want to laminate this and use dry erase or water-based markers.
  • The Time Tracker allows a player or GM to keep track of rounds, turns, and hours spent creeping about in the dungeon.  It includes some handy time-reference tools to keep rulebook referencing to a minimum.
  • The Notebook Reference is based on one of my favorite Witch Hunter GM tools.  Designed to work with a standard Composition Notebook (9.75 x 7.5 inches), just print it on full page label paper and affix it to the inside of each cover.  It’s one part DM reference and one part idea generator.  I’ve incorporated a couple of handy tables from the 1st edition and 5th edition DMGs as well.



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