Maiden Voyage

18546217 years after it was originally launched, 11 years after being dry docked, the 7th Sea 2nd edition core rulebook sailed into the harbor at DriveThruRPG this morning.  Re-imagined, re-engineered, and recommissioned, it now begins the hard work of plying the waves of tabletop gamers’ imaginations, dreams, and cruel prejudices.

I’ve made no bones of the fact that the original 7th Sea game sealed my love of the swashbuckling fantasy (sub)genre and set the bar for pretty much everything that has come since.  Sure the game had its warts — what RPG doesn’t — but those issues never really took away from the fun.  The new edition definitely takes things to new frontiers, some of them way outside my comfort zone and others that I wish had had at my disposal for years.  I can’t wait to try it out.

If you haven’t already, check out the Downloads page of this blog for some new 7th Sea goodness.  There you’ll find:

  • A character sheet (duh!)
  • A character sheet for your ship
  • A ship’s manifest (for keeping track of all those pesky crew members so you can get attached to them.)
  • The Swashbuckler’s Arsenal (a list of common weapons for the period and some optional rules for equipment picks at character creation.)

I’m going to be talking more about the new edition later this week.  In the meantime, go get it and start marinating on it.  It’s going to give us a lot to talk about.


3 thoughts on “Maiden Voyage

    1. blusponge Post author

      Yup. It’s in there. I purposefully omitted the Crescent and Cathay weapons because the game is currently focused on Theah. But the lists should be easy to build upon.



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