Something Wicked This Way Comes

3bbd444bbf1f4956f13c6b9dc43c0786It began when Paradigm Concepts did an update of their website.  All the pieces seemed to be in place except…no Witch Hunter.  Huh, we thought, I guess they just haven’t finished that.  Then a month went by.  Then two months.  Lots of talk about a 5e conversion of Arcanis and plenty of organized play for Arcanis at Origins.  I even noticed an uptick of conversation in the Rotting Capes (think Marvel Zombies, the RPG) forums.  And yet any talk of Witch Hunter was quiet as the grave.  Even on the eve of Origins, there was still no word about specific Witch Hunter organized events.

There was one blip on the radar; a message from lead designer, Eric Weiner, that an update to the website would be coming soon, along with (maybe) a GM screen after Origins.  But that quickly faded into business as usual radio silence.

I’ve been down this road before.  Mythus. SAGA. Lejendary Adventure.  All dead.  Dead and buried.  Unceremoniously in most cases.  Would any of us be surprised?  The last time someone asked about Witch Hunter on TBP, it got three responses.  Three.

Then, last week, one of the people on the Witch Hunter Google+ Community noticed that all the Witch Hunter products on DrivethruRPG were now listed for sale under Alligator Alley Entertainment.  Who?  What?  I mean, it’s not like Paradigm is a BIG PLAYER in RPGs, but this company didn’t even have a website.  Is it a glitch?  A bug?  Tidings of grave peril ahead?

Well today we finally got something of an answer.  Eric Wiener has chimed in on the Witch Hunter forums with:

Alligator Alley Entertainment is my company that will be publishing Witch Hunter going forward. My website isn’t up yet so I will still be answering questions here.

This is an amicable split and PCI and AAE will often share booth space at cons and join together for events. It should allow Henry and I to focus on our individual lines and make both better.

So first of all, HAPPY DANCE!  Do not confuse all the recent gushing over 7th Sea with dissatisfaction in my Witch Hunter game.  This is a campaign storyline I would sincerely like to see through to the end.  And while I’m at it, I plan on continuing to showcase Witch Hunter here and evangelize it where I can (because I’m of that generation) and want to see as many people playing, contributing to, and building on the world of Witch Hunter as possible.  Hell, I’d love to write for it though my personal circumstances up til now have made that difficult.  Those of you stay-at-home parents know.

On the other hand, please someone send Eric a book on PR and Press Releases.  Because even if it is only 5 of us (or 49, based on the size of the Google+ community), we really don’t like twisting in the wind.  These are properties we have personally invested time, sweat, creative energy, even blood (careful with those exacto knives, kids!) into.  We want to be excited about them.  We respect that PCI is a bunch of guys doing this on the side because they love the hobby.  No one is getting rich off the residual IP rights to Arcanis, WH, or RC (yet, anyway.).  But hey, keep us in the loop.  Doing things out of order can lead to confusion, which leads to fear, which leads to…yeah, you know the rest of that quote.


So bravo Eric!  Good luck on this endeavor.  And know that there are fans of Witch Hunter that stand ready to do what we can to help you out in whatever way we can.  Except for dishes and laundry.  I do enough of those already.



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