Lieutenant Brute, Reporting for Duty

Having played Savage Worlds for years, and now running an old school B/X D&D game for teens, I’ve gotten used to players wanting to hire retainers, hirelings, mercenaries, and other hangers on.  When prepping my adventure for 7th Sea, it seemed obvious that the ship’s crew was going to go on the adventure with the Heroes.  But other than Brutes being opposition, there really isn’t anything about using them for support.  A couple of us brainstormed some ideas over on the 7th Sea 2nd edition forums and I cobbled together some optional rules regarding brutes, focusing on players commanding them in the field.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • Brutes should never outclass the Heroes; there should never be a time when it is to the Heroes’ advantage to let the brutes do the heavy lifting.
  • All things being equal, two brute squads of equal strength will each do 1 wound to the other each round.
  • If a squad outnumbers an opposing squad by 2 or more, the squad will do 2 wounds each round.
  • Players whose Approach allows them to command brutes may use them as any other weapon, and may spend a Raise for the brutes to do an additional wound to an opposing brute squad.

The rest is here.


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