Halloween Dark


My own modest spin on Graham Walmsley’s brilliant Cthulhu Dark is now available in the downloads section.  It’s called Halloween Dark, and if you are looking for serious horror roleplaying, look elsewhere.

Halloween Dark was born in 2014 out of the need for a very simple rpg to run Halloween-themed one-shot games for my Library Teen Roleplaying program.  Cthulhu Dark fit the bill, then I grafted on the idea of cards from a brainchild my co-GM was fostering.  It made for a fast, frantic, and hilarious 2:30 hour game session.

Flash forward two years and I’ve reworked some of the more problematic parts and finalized the cards (in the original game, the cards were spontaneously scribbled down on index cards).  It’s a witches brew of a game.  It may not make sense all of the time, but it is fun.

So if you’ve got your crew coming this October and want to throw something a bit…different at them, Halloween Dark is your game.  Check it out.  Let me know what I need to fix in time for next Halloween.


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