April 1, 2019 Milestones

Today, April 1st, 2019, puts us on the eve of two events.

First, tomorrow we should learn the fate of the 7th Sea 2nd edition game, for better or worse.  No bets here, though I remain very optimistic.  If you are shocked to hear this news, I advise you to follow the link and explore the KS updates for the last year.  More on that Wednesday.

Second, tomorrow marks the termination date for Google+ and its communities, including the Witch Hunter: The Invisible World community I’ve moderated for the better part of four years now..  While it never really measured up to Facebook, G+ became a bulwark in the OSR and Indie gaming communities.  Many of those communities have migrated elsewhere, most notably MeWe.  I have not migrated the Witch Hunter community, nor do I intend to any time soon.  It’s neither active enough to encourage such a move, nor has the publisher, Alligator Alley Entertainment, shown the most remote interest in cultivating or maintaining the community around that game*.  I stand ready to resurrect the beast from the dead using any means of necromancy at my disposal.  But I see no point until AAE makes a move.  And so, the Witch Hunter community prepares to enter the Invisible World.  I hope to see it return some day.  Until then…

* Sorry, but hosting a OP event twice a year does not count.

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