Adversaries: Hobgoblin

Hobgoblins are a primarily nocturnal and commonly subterranean malicious fey creatures. They average height of three and a half feet with a rotund body and a dark crimson cast to their skin. Their long and sharp nose and wide toothy mouth are framed by large pointed ears.  Although they cannot transport themselves as do some of their smaller kin, hobgoblins can become invisible, and in such state they are able to harass and confuse foes.

Hobgoblins enjoy nothing more than harmful pranks, coarse humor, and cruel jokes. They are concerned mostly with ease, revelry, and devilment of hapless victims; they shun labor assiduously – much to their detriment at times, for they are often caught unprepared by wily foes. 

Elite Hobgoblins

A Hobgoblin Troubler is a sort of group leader, and one will always be present in any group of 6 or more hobgoblins, and in large arrays of them, one in 10 will be of this sort.  Add 1 pt to Constitution, Fighting, and Strength.  Add the Communication (Leadership) and Strength (Mighty) Focuses. Health is increased to 34 (17).

In each hobgoblin community, there will be two to four hobgoblin Shamans in each community, and at least one with any force of 30 or more Hobgoblins.  Add 1 pt to Accuracy, Communication, and Willpower.  Add the Accuracy (Arcane Blast) and Willpower (Courage) Focuses.  Typical Arcana include Fate, Illusion, and Shadow. Health is increased to 32.

A Hobgoblin Chief (Heroic), one to two per community or one leading a large force of 50 or more Hobgoblins will also appear.  Chief’s have the Mighty Quality (below).  Add 2 pt to Fighting and Strength, and 1 point to Accuracy, Constitution, Communication, and Willpower.  Add the Communication (Leadership), Strength (Intimidation), Intelligence (Evaluation), and Willpower (Morale) Focuses.  Health is increased to 44.


Minor Threat

No. Appearing: Gang (4-9), mob (10-24, plus 1 troubler), band (10-100 plus 100% non-combatants plus 1 Troubler per 10 adults, and 1 Shaman), or tribe (100-400 plus 100% noncombatants plus 1 Troubler per 10 adults, 2-4 shamans, and 1 chief)

Weapon Groups: Axe, Bow, Light Blades, Spear


Accuracy: 3 (Bow, Light Blades, Spear)

Communication: 0 (Deception)

Constitution: 1

Dexterity: 3 (Stealth)

Fighting: 1 (Axe)

Intelligence: 0

Perception: 1 (Hearing, Seeing)

Strength: 1

Willpower: 1

12 27 14* 4

*Spiked Buckler and Heavy Leather Armor

Dagger +5 1d6+5
Throwing Axe +3 1d6+2
Short Bow +3 1d6+2
Throwing Spear +5 1d6+5

Favored Stunts: Knock Prone, Set-Up, Skirmish, Taunt
  • Darkvision
  • Invisibility:  Hobgoblins can become invisible as a Minor Action, and in such state they are able to harass and confuse foes, but not cast spells or employ weapons to do deadly Harm. Any attack by an invisible Hobgoblin with a weapon automatically destroys the non-visible state.  As noted, they are invisible, but not immaterial, although they cannot be seen or otherwise sensed by normal means other than touch when invisible.
  • Pack Tactics
Chief Hobgoblin Qualities
  • Mighty

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