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Coming Up for Air

It’s been a couple of weeks since my last post.  No, this blog is not fading away into the ether.  I’m simply adapting to the new school schedule.  Who would have thought that moving small people from point A to point B on time would be such a colossal time suck?!

Meanwhile, I’ve been working on a few random odds and ends that I’m not willing to share yet.  I’ll even admit, some of them may just be wastes of time that may go absolutely no where.  I’ve been known to chase a few windmills in my day.

For my Teen Roleplaying Program at the Lewisville Public Library, I’m starting to gear up for our annual Halloween event.  Once again, I’m going to be using my hacked variant of Cthulhu Dark to run a one shot scenario of terror and laughs.  Last time I did this we had a lot of fun, but the hack needed some refinement.  This time, I’m hoping to post the results.  I’m hoping others will find the game as entertaining as we do.  So stay tuned for that.

On the Witch Hunter front, it’s been a while since we actually played.  Illness, birthdays, and other mishaps have hopefully given way and we will be back in full swing this week.  That may jump start a bit more game specific activity around here.

One last thing, if you look in the Downloads section, I’ve added a link to a Google Doc file of Martin Coulter’s excellent Opportunities and Consequences file for 7th Sea 2nd edition. This file was originally posted to the Explorers of Théah Facebook group and was meant as a community project.  So grab it for your own uses, but feel free to add to it.  Just be sure to add your name as a contributor.


The Force Awakens

It certainly has in my little ones.  At five and three, my wife and I agree they are a bit to young to really experience the Star Wars franchise.  As a fan who remembers going to see the original as a six year old in 1977, I think 6 is a fine age to jump right in.  My wife, who never really saw the movies as a kid and isn’t much of a fan, has more concerns…

I’m too big a fan to completely isolate my kids from the pure adolescent joy that is Star Wars.  In my enthusiasm for the new movie, I’ve started letting them listen to the soundtrack CDs.  This has led to questions about the story going on behind the music, which has led to other interesting questions.

Actual Question from my 5 Year Old: “What does ‘blow up’ mean?”

Yes, my children are that sheltered and I’m proud of that!

Now, I don’t intend to get into a diatribe about the age-appropriateness of Star Wars.  That’s for every parent to decide themselves.  But let’s face it, people are either already talking about The Force Awakens or will be in approximately one month.  So if you’re like me and feel the movies are still a bit too intense for the little ones, but don’t want to have to seal them in a bunker for the next couple of months, here’s a trio of gems I found on YouTube!!!  Yes, these are the original kids LPs from the 70s and 80s that came out with each movie, filled to the brim with dialogue cut from the movie and John William’s bombastic score.  I still have my golden cassette of The Story of Star Wars, and am still amazed at how well it holds up (from an adult perspective, with its British narrator and graduate-level vocabulary).  The others are a bit more obnoxious (the narrator, that is) but are otherwise great and make for a wonderful audio-journey into the wonderful Star Wars universe.  They are great for listening to in the car.  Let those little brains and over-powered imaginations fill in the details while you sit back and enjoy reliving your childhood for :45 minutes at a time.

Even More Books for Gamers in Training

When a Dragon Moves In, by Jodi Moore (ill. Howard McWilliam)

Because who doesn’t want to read more about dragons?  And what’s the point of a sandcastle anyway?  Unfortunately, having dragons in the neighborhood can lead to trouble, as you might expect.

Creepy Carrots, by Aaron Reynolds (ill. Peter Brown)

Jasper Rabbit loves carrots.  Then one day, he fails his SAN roll.  Hilarity ensues.  The combination of Reynold’s and Brown’s storytelling is pure magic, and a valuable lesson about dump stats.  Oh, and there are crocodiles.