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Metroplex RPG Expo

Hey DFW friends! Mark your calendars for June 2! Whether you are an experienced tabletop role playing gamer or you’ve only watched an episode of Critical Role, this is a great chance to try your first role playing game, try a new system, or just meet other tabletop gamers in the DFW area. Bring the whole family for a day of fun!

This event is a demo day for ALL  types of role playing games and expressly designed to introduce first time players to a variety of role playing systems. Everyone is welcome and no role playing game experience necessary. Our goal is to provide RPGs that players have never played before in hopes of increasing all types of RPG gaming in our community.  So, if you’ve always wanted to try a game we offer, here’s your chance.  And rest assured, all the other players will be first timers as well.  Most games will have pre-generated characters to keep the flowing, will go over character sheets and game basics, and then get right to the heart of the adventure.

So, try out a new game! These are all great systems and there a ton of good games out there in addition to D&D.

Click here for everything about events, times, and registration.

It’s Floodin’ Down in Texas

For those of you who haven’t been paying attention to the news lately, Texas has been enjoying something of a rainy hurricane monsoon season.  Now, after nearly a decade of drought, I don’t think we should be complaining so much.  As a kid, I saw Houston flood plenty of times (with no Hurricane involved) and no one thought the world was about to end.  The Brazos River flooded Kerrville twice after my folks retired there in 2001.  This state is no stranger to strange weather patterns.  So to all my fellow Texans out there, stay dry and don’t assume your SUV can handle that “puddle”.  To those of you in California, sorry we took your rain.  For everyone else, I leave you with the best and worst kept secrets in the state:

(YES! Another excuse to feature some King’s X music! From Ogre Tones, a fantastic CD!)

(You had to know Stevie Ray was going to be in here somewhere, right?!  I mean, the subject line kinda gave it away!)