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So after some unfortunate shuffling of the deck chairs in our 7th Sea game, we brought in two new players.  One of them, a very serious and historically minded type comes to me and says, “I want to play this?  I don’t see it as a background though.”  “No problem,” I say.  “Let’s see what we can do.”

The background in question was the Dragoman, an envoy and diplomat in the Ottoman Court.  With the preview of the Crescent Empire book beginning to circulate through the kickstarter channels, I figure this is a timely addition.  Especially since that background isn’t included.  Probably because of the focus on language, one of many things this edition of 7th Sea shuffles into the background.

Actually, creating a new background wasn’t difficult at all.  We took two comparable backgrounds, the Courtier and the Consigliere (Vodacce), and smashed them together.  Then there was some jockeying about what Advantages (besides Linguist) to include.  In the end, we settled on 6 points of Advantages as there is precedence for this.  In the end, the hardest part was coming up with a Quirk!  So I turned to the Facebook fan group for that.  In the end, I think it turned out pretty well, and makes a great background for a Crescent agent adventuring in Théah.


Crescent Empire Background

You are a bridge between cultures; an interpreter, mediator, diplomat, and guide in foreign matters in the court of the Empress.

Quirk: Earn a Hero Point when you solve a problem using knowledge from a culture other than your own.

Advantages: Linguist, Friend at Court, Honest Misunderstanding

Skills: Convince, Empathy, Notice, Scholarship, Tempt


Pietrov Moskovin, Dragon Hunter

It has occurred to me that while I’ve posted plenty of monsters, rites, and other oddities here so far, I’ve never actually posted an NPC or character.  I imagine some of you have stumbled across this site and wondered, that’s well and good but what does a character for Witch Hunter character look like?  Well here is an NPC from our game.  I’ve been meaning to stat him out for awhile.  As a bonus feature, I’ve been playing around with the stat block formatting for NPCs a bit.

petrovPietrov Moskovin

“This land used to be crawling with the damn things!  Well, not anymore, of course.  We killed them all!”

Pietrov Moskovin claims to come from a long and fabled ancestry of dragon hunters from the Russian steppes and the cruel wilds of Poland.  He is a member of the Sunwise Circle.
Personality Traits: Overconfident, Driven
Order Rank: 2

Strength (4) Athletics +3, Melee (Boar Spear) +4
Agility (3) Marksman +2, Reflexes +2, Stealth +2, Unarmed +2
Toughness (4) Endurance +3
Education (2) Mysticism +1
Reason (2)
Will (3)
Courage (3) Resolve +3
Intuition (3) Notice +2, Survival +2
Personality (2) Command (Intimidation) +2
Defenses: Avoidance: 3, Fortitude: 4, Discipline: 3
Armor: Metal Breast Plate (3)
Health Track: 9/8/7/5
Boar Spear (DM +7; C: 2; Tricks: Set for Charge, Long Strike, Impale)
Broad Sword (DM +3; C: 1; Tricks: Bludgeoning Strike, Hamstring, Mighty Strike)
Flaws: Impatient
Adaptable, Attack Focus (boar spear), Attack Specialist (boar spear), Brutal Charge, It’s Just a Scratch, Tough
True Faith: 2 Virtue: Courageous
Damnation: 2 Sin: Prideful

FYI, the Boar Spear and the Impale Weapon Trick can both be found in the Witch Hunter’s Arsenal on the Downloads page.