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Would you Believe more Books for Gamers in Training

That’s right!  It’s been awhile, but I’m back with more children’s reading recommendations for gamer parents with young kids.  Here we go!


George and the Dragon, by Chris Wormell

The story of a fierce fire breathing dragon with a terrible psychological flaw and his new, impoverished but upwardly mobile neighbor.  This book is not what you expect.  It’s short and its fun.  The art is great, too.  If your kid loves dragons, this needs to be in your library.


Vampirina Ballerina, by Anne Marie Pace (Illus. LeUyen Pham)

Here’s one for you World of Darkness fans, you Camarilla members, goths and gothic lovers.  First up, LeUyen Pham is a fantastic illustrator and has been attached to a lot of good projects (I’ll give the Hillary Clinton puff piece a pass because my personal biases shouldn’t diminish the quality of the art).  This is a cute book and my daughter’s new favorite.  It really speaks to being the new kid, being out of step, and coming together as a team.  Oh, and it has vampires.  BTW, for fashionistas-in-training, I can also recommend another LeUyen Pham illustrated book, Shoe-La-La.


When a Dragon Moves in Again, by Jodi Moore

What?!  Jodi Moore wrote a follow up to When a Dragon Moves In?  I haven’t even read it and I’m going to recommend it.  That’s how good it’s predecessor was.


Even More Books for Gamers in Training

When a Dragon Moves In, by Jodi Moore (ill. Howard McWilliam)

Because who doesn’t want to read more about dragons?  And what’s the point of a sandcastle anyway?  Unfortunately, having dragons in the neighborhood can lead to trouble, as you might expect.

Creepy Carrots, by Aaron Reynolds (ill. Peter Brown)

Jasper Rabbit loves carrots.  Then one day, he fails his SAN roll.  Hilarity ensues.  The combination of Reynold’s and Brown’s storytelling is pure magic, and a valuable lesson about dump stats.  Oh, and there are crocodiles.

More Books for Gamers in Training

Three more book recommendations for gamer parents with young kids.

Dave and Sam Dig a Hole
Mac Barnett

Not a bad first dungeon crawl. Teaches all the essentials: bring supplies (chocolate milk and animal crackers), the value of henchmen (dog), and don’t split the party! Jon Klassen’s illustrations are beautiful in their simplicity, as usual.

Extra Yarn
Mac Barnett

Another Mac Barnett / Jon Klassen collaboration. Fun, whimsical, and gives read-aloud dads a chance to ham it up as the mustache-twirling villain.

Everything I Know About Pirates
Tim Lichtenheld

Does it matter that there is not an actual FACT in this book? Of course not! It’s about pirates. Not blood thirsty murderous scalawags or even Disney pirates, but pirates by way of kindergarten logic.