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High Seas Holidays

The votes are in, and my group of players have almost unanimously elected to go with a high seas adventure game with strong involvement of secret societies.  And with that, prep for our 7th Sea game can really begin in earnest.  Not that I haven’t been brainstorming and scribbling down ideas for awhile now, but this gives me a definite direction with which to steer the ship, so to speak.

With the holidays upon us, I am sneaking in whatever time I can manage to do a bit of prep for the forthcoming 7th Sea campaign.  It’s coming along nicely.  I feel I have quite a few resources collected that will make my work easier when we dive in around mid-January.  And since it’s the holidays, I want to share some of the fruits of my labor with you.

So first up, a 7th Sea Ship Name resource.  Along with a reformatted version of Finn’s Companion #3 (any of you old hands remember that one?), I’ve included a list of authentic ship names from the 17th Century British and Dutch navies, along with pirate vessels of ill repute.  So you can either grab a name from antiquity or mix and match something new for your players to grapple with.  This should be of help to anyone running a historical (or semi-historical) nautical game.  I’m going to add this resource on the Downloads page as well.

Happy Holidays, everyone!


New! Witch Hunter Character Creation Workbook. A Late Christmas Gift.

I hope everyone has been enjoying the holidays.

Of all the cheat sheets and references I’ve made for Witch Hunter, probably the most valuable for us has been the Character Creation cheat sheet.  It doesn’t get used very much, but it proved its worth when we welcomed a new player a few months back.  It’s also very handy for auditing characters.

Having it as a Evernote note has had its ups and downs.  So last year, I set out to create a PDF version.  The result morphed into something very new.  And now I’m making it available here on downloads section.

The Witch Hunter Character Creation Workbook was envisioned as a four-page folio with a double-sided worksheet insert.  It walks you through the character creation process, complete with page references and highlighted rules references.  The format, I think, is even better than the older Character Creation worksheet.  I think Witch Hunter: Revelations players and GMs will find it especially useful.  It does make one assumption, that the group will be using the Heroic Power Level (as opposed to Gritty or Cinematic) when it comes to Advancement.

So give it a look.  And may 2016 be a good year for Witch Hunting!

My GM Reference Library

I’ve been building my reference library since I studied screenwriting in college.  There’s a lot of stuff in there that has nothing to do with gaming, and a lot that does get pulled out on a regular basis when working on a scenario for our next game session.  This is just a portion of it.  I’m going to focus on the essential stuff here:

  • Gary Gygax’s World Builder; Gary Gygax and Dan Cross
  • Gary Gygax’s Extraordinary Book of Names; Malcolm Bowers
  • Runequest Cities; Stephen Abrams, Jon Everson
  • Short History of the World; Alex Woolf
  • History’s Timeline; Jean Cooke, Ann Kramer, Theodore Rowland Entwistle
  • The Writer’s Digest’s Character Naming Sourcebook; Sherrilyn Kenyon
  • The Name Book; Michael Cader (ed.)
  • …and pretty much everything from Engine Publishing: Eureka, Masks, Never Unprepared, and Odyssey. (I haven’t read Unframed yet, but it’s on my list.)

I’m always looking for more useful references, so feel free to suggest what’s been valuable to you.