Three Coffee-Infused Scenario Ideas

7-Foot Tall Hellhound Skeleton Found Buried Near Ancient Monastery

On the Paradigm Forums, Henry Lopez (the Big Cheese) posted an article to thrill and inspire Witch Hunter players and GMs alike.  I’ve seen this article turn up before.  Very cool and creepy.  So in keeping with that spirit, here are three potential adventure seeds based on this old yarn:

The cadre arrives at the remains of an abandoned village surrounding a ruined monastery.  Looking about, they find evidence that the people of the village came to a bloody and horrifying end.  Anyone not dead left long ago.  At night, a strange transformation comes over the ruins as the place is cursed to relive that fateful night over and over again (Groundhog Day style).  And now the cadre finds themselves trapped in this accursed place.  Their only hope in leaving is to break the curse and discover the secret of the hellhound that haunts the place.

Rumors of a terrifying black dog draw the witch hunters to a village where a monstrous hellhound haunts the place by night.  The beast is focus-bound and returns ever night.  Not even death can stop it.  What is it searching for?  Twist: the beast isn’t a hellhound at all, but a fae creature in a terrifying glamour seeking a vile creature that hides amongst the villagers.

The cadre is dispatched to an old ruined monastery to retrieve an item from its reliquary.  They discover the monks of the place came to a grisly end.  After leaving, they learn they are being trailed by a fierce beast whose evil seems to twist and corrupt the very forest around them.  The beast could be following the relic, or perhaps there is darker magic at work here.

1 thought on “Three Coffee-Infused Scenario Ideas

  1. Bren

    I like this. Who knew there was historical precedent for Hell Hounds. Though our French PCs are not too surprised that such things would reside on the island of the Goddamns. 😉



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