Witch Hunter: The Invisible World (2nd edition)

Player Files

Witch Hunter Character Creation Workbook – a folio and worksheet that walks you through each step of Character Creation.
Character Questionnaire (13 Questions)
Player Reference Sheets  – minor corrections and additions; now includes Fighting Tradition reference.
Stance Cards
Player Game Mat
Witch Hunters’ Arsenal
Witch Hunter Character Sheet (2nd edition) (expanded, form-fillable)
Witch Hunter Character Sheet (1st edition)

Grand Master Files

Malleus Maleficarum  A compendium of house rules from our Witch Hunter game.
GM Reference Sheets
 – minor corrections and additions; now includes Fighting Tradition reference.
Rulebook Bookmark
Notebook Reference  – Includes information from Grand Tome of Adversaries, 2nd edition and new idea generators.
Threat Summaries – An index of Threats from Available WH Sources, including updated Power/Price lists from Grand Tome of Adversaries.
Special Power Summaries – Summaries of available attack and damaging magical effects for use in designing new Threats.
Travel Rules
Travel Diversions
Character Professional Income – Guidelines for player character income.

7th Sea (2nd edition)

Character Sheet
Based on one of the original playtest character sheets and incorporating my favorite elements of several fan-created sheets. Here is a form-fillable version.

Villain Record Sheet
There are two versions: a simple sheet and a complete robust sheet.  Each one serves different needs.  If you are the kind of person who likes lots of info, you’ll want the complete sheet.  But the simple sheet includes all the necessary information for your villain plus plenty of space to fill in the details as you need them.  Both sheets are form-fillable.

Notebook Reference
Designed to fit on the inside cover of a standard composition notebook, this handy reference includes idea generators as well as handy information for creating and managing NPCs and Villains in your game.

Bookmark Reference
This 2″x7″ bookmark is designed with players in mind.  Inspired by Bert Garcia and Karl Keesler on Google+, this bookmark covers some of the main rules likely to come up in any game session.  And if that wasn’t enough, it also makes a handy bookmark!

SAMPLE Opportunities/Complications for Action Scenes
Martin Coulter’s excellent collection of potential opportunities and consequences for 7th Sea 2nd edition.  This file is a Google Doc and is meant to be shared and amended, so please feel free to add your own additions and include your name as a contributor.

Punch it Up! An Action Sequence Reference
In 7th Sea, Combat is what happens while the villain gets business done.  Here’s a quick and easy reference for making your action sequences far more dramatic…and dangerous.

Swashbuckler’s Arsenal
A list of common Théan weapons for players to choose from, cribbed from 1st edition resources.  Also includes a list of potential signature items and a list of weapon preference for the different Dueling Academies included in the core rulebook.  Includes optional rule on weapon selection at character generation.

Ship Record Sheet
Of course, you’ll need a character sheet for that tugboat you call a ship, right?  This should cover all the stuff from the core rulebook.  When the Pirate Nations book hits the shelves, all bets are off. This update corrects the ship’s death spiral.

Ship’s Manifest
Just in time for the game’s official release, an easy way to keep track of who’s who aboard your ship.

Brute sur Brute
Optional rules for commanding brute squads.

On the Classifications of Duelists
Excerpted from Signore Errera Bottio’s, Sei sicuro di morire*, a treatise on Dueling.  Based on material from Sebastien De Castell’s Saint’s Blood, Book 3 of the Greatcoats.

Whisper on a Black Wind
Something evil and foul haunts the pastoral heartland of Castille.  An adventure for the 7th Sea 2017 All Saint’s Eve Community Anthology.

The Island
An introductory adventure for 7th Sea 2nd edition.  This was my first attempt at writing an adventure to the game for a two-game session for many of my old 1st edition players.  The core rules had just been released.  Be gentle.

7th Sea Roll20 Assets

Roll20 Token Coins
A collection of “coins” to represent various adversaries in your 7th Sea game.  Not intended for tactical play whatsoever.

AGE Game Engine

Expanded Treasure Table
For Fantasy AGE, expands the existing Treasure Table from the Basic Rulebook to include special items (magic items, jewelry, objects d’art, etc.)

Savage Worlds

Savage Worlds Fantasy
Homebrew fantasy for Savage Worlds with heavy Gygaxian flavor, drawn mainly from Mythus and Lejendary Adventures games.

Objects d’Art
Treasure hordes for Savage World of Solomon Kane and Pirates of the Spanish Main.  Also usable with Witch Hunter: The Invisible World.

Savage Worlds Player Mat
Designed way back in 2006 when I began running Savage Worlds at my local public library.  It’s designed for novice players as a way to keep everything organized on the table but without overloading them with rules info.  Possibly one of the most enduring aids I’ve ever designed for any game.

Savage Worlds Survival Guide Redux
Based on an original design by Paul Kasper, this essential Savage Worlds play aid also contains information on Tricks and Advancement.   As with the Player Mat, it was designed with new players and form factor in mind.

Savage Worlds Condition Cards
A collection of cards with various game conditions: Shaken, Wounded, Fatigued, and -2 Parry.  Very handy for keeping a visual reference on the table.  (Update includes changes to Shaken Status rules.)

SAGA System (Dragonlance 5th Age, Marvel Super Heroes)

The Vaguely-Infamous SAGAhawk Campaign Files
These html files comprise the majority of the house rules and conversions for using the SAGA dices roleplaying system (Dragonlance 5th Age) with the World of Greyhawk setting (or other traditional AD&D-ish world setting, I suppose).  They are presented unchanged from when I hosted them decades back.


Marching Order Sheet
Designed for keeping track of large parties in a variety of formations.

Time Tracker
Keep track of rounds, turns, and hours spent in the dungeon.  Some handy references included.

Notebook Reference
One part idea generator, one part GM reference.  Designed for use with full page label paper and a standard composition notebook (9.75 x 7.5 inches).  Just print and affix to the inside covers and you are ready whenever inspiration strikes.  This resource is designed for B/X (Moldvay/Cook or Mentzer) but incorporates some material from the 1st edition and 5e edition DMG.

B/X DM Screen
Sure, everyone has made one.  Here’s mine.  Landscape profile, 3-panel, designed for use with Pinnacle’s Customizable GM Screen.  If you want just the core B/X rules (without references to Scouts and Gnomes), you can find that version here.

Halloween Dark

Halloween Dark 
Based on Graham Walmsley’s Cthulhu Dark, Halloween Dark is a fast, rules light, narrative beer and pretzels rpg of scares, laughs, and friendly competition.  Version 2.5 of these rules have been updated and expanded.

Ripped from the headlines!  In a small mid-western town, a rash of disappearances coincide with the appearance of strange clowns on the outskirts of town. Could the two be linked?  And what do they both have to do with the abandoned Joyland carnival grounds at the edge of town?  Joyland is a horror story for Halloween Dark.

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  8. Oliver Sharpe

    Hey, I’ve been using your references and assets that you created for Witchhunter 2nd edition and I was sad to see they have been taken down. I was wondering if you were thinking of re-uploading any of them or if there gone completely


  9. Ignacio Correa

    Hi! Thank you so much for these sheets, they are beautiful and succinct. I want to notify you that the Ship Record Sheet link is broken! The fillable-form records works just fine, though.



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