All Hallow’s Eve Fest Wrap Up

Woo!  That was a fun ride.  It’s tougher than it seems to kick our four blog posts out in one week.  I hope my kids forgive me one day.

I was hoping there would be a bit more buy in on the concept from different fronts.  MONSTROUS kudos to the esteemed Gaston’s Hat of the For Honor…and Intrigue Blog for stepping up with a quartet (beat me by one!) of werewolf themed articles for the For Honor and Intrigue RPG.  I love a good werewolf yarn, and he’s posted some great fuel for anyone looking to include these beasts in their game.  Great stuff.  Please check them out.

Next year, time and circumstances willing, we are going to do this again.  So if you enjoyed these posts of Gaston’s or mine, please consider jumping into the mix. Until then, you can expect the usual around here, though it’ll probably get a bit quiet for the holidays.


One thought on “All Hallow’s Eve Fest Wrap Up

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