New Rite: The Sending

For those smug players who think they are untouchable by the big villains, here’s a simple conversion of one of my favorite bits of sorcery from the Mythus and Lejendary Adventure RPGs, repurposed a bit for Witch Hunter.  Use it sparingly, unless you want your players enacting wards all over the place and turning every single inn they visit into consecrated ground (they weren’t already?).

Note: In both the original spells, there is a chance for the sending to backfire on the sorcerer.  If the sending is unable to reach the target because it is protected by consecrated ground or other wards, the spirit returns and attacks the sorcerer who sent it.  This makes a bit more sense in a higher fantasy game, or in a game where the players may be the ones’ wielding diabolism.  I’ve removed it from this version.  But, if you are the sort who feels charitable about such things, feel free to add it back into the mix.

The Sending (Villainous Rite)

Devotion: Diabolism/Witchcraft
Mastery: 4
Time: 10 minutes/1 minute
Duration: Special
Strain: 4
Damnation: 4/8

Description: This horrific rite calls to the sorcerer a powerful, invisible, diabolical spirit of the Invisible World. This fiend is then directed to a single target through means of a sympathetic link: a lock of hair, a drop of blood, a close personal artifact, or a true name. Unless barred from the target’s location, it will immediate appear and attack the specified target and any who seek to impede it.

The sending may be barred by a ward, hermetic circle, or consecrated ground. So barred from entry, it will linger outside waiting for an opening for 1 hour. If unable to reach the target after this period, or if the target is killed (by the sending or otherwise), the spirit is freed and will return to its own dimensions.

Boost: Increase Mastery by 1 for each additional target.  All targets must be proximate to one another when the rite is completed, otherwise the sending will attack the target closest to the sorcerer.

Sending (Lieutenant)

Fear Rating: 4
Hell’s Favor: 4
Pace: 5
Size: Large

Initiative: Reflexes 7d
Melee: Claws 8d (+8 damage)
Ranged: None
Defenses: Avoidance: 4; Discipline: 3; Fortitude: 4
Armor: 2
Health Track: 8/8/8

Talents: Grand Fury, Slam, Vicious Grapple
Fundamental Power/Price: Invisibility / Obvious to the Touch
Additional Powers/Prices:

  • Apparition / Restriction (Consecrated Ground)
  • Incorporeal / Damage (Blessed Weapons)
  • Rampage / Ward

Suggested Skills:

  • 10d: Endurance, Survival (Tracking)
  • 8d: Melee, Notice, Stealth
  • 7d: Reflexes

Description: Though invisible to all means but those that pierce the veil between worlds, these creatures are horrific to behold. Their ineffable appearance might include multiple and/or misshapen heads, limbs, tentacles, all dripping with slime. Their presence is marked by their foul odor.

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