Horn & Crown

England: 1690

The specter of war looms over the island kingdom. William III now sits the throne, installed by a bloodless revolution of seven rebellious Protestant nobles. The King in Exile, James II, schemes in France and summons support to his banners. The kingdom is thick with traitors and conspiracies. But something far more insidious crawls beneath the surface — intrigues dark and dangerous that threaten to consume all of Europe in a supernatural battle beyond the comprehension of mankind.

Beneath the streets of London, the Court of Whispers issues a call to all signatories to the Accords in a valiant effort to stem the tide of this apocalyptic conflict. But villains and foes from hidden corners stand to thwart them at any cost.

Meanwhile, you have trailed an old adversary to the city on the Thames. He holds a piece of a puzzle that could yet shine a light in the dark days ahead…


Just a little teaser for the next chapter of our home game.

5 thoughts on “Horn & Crown

  1. Gaston's Hat

    You write that and then stop? What the heck Tom!?!

    Hopefully this isn’t just “and while you were in London you had a beer at a pub called the Horn and Crown…the end” and there will be more for you to post later.


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