Threat Conversion: Gorger

Another conversion from the Grand Tome of Adversaries…

Lesser Gorger (Lieutenant)

Fear Rating: 4
Hell’s Favor: 3
Pace: 3

Initiative: 5d (Reflexes)
Melee: 7d (Touch 9d) (DM +3)
Ranged: 6d (Thrown Objects 4d) (DM +3)
Defenses: Avoidance: 4; Discipline: 3; Fortitude 3
Armor: —
Health Track: 9/9/9

Talents: Heave, Incredible Reflexes, Slam, Spiritual Nature (Villainous)
8d: Endurance, Notice, Resolve, Stealth
7d: Melee
6d: Ranged, Charm
5d: Reflexes
Fundamental Price/Power: Death Aura (Mystic Limitation: Outdoors)
Additional Powers/Prices:
• Flight (Pace/Clumsy) (Restriction: Running Water
• Intangibility (Damage: Bone)
• Suggestive (True Name)
• Withering Touch (Atmospheric Disturbance)
• Hexcraft (Focus Bound: Despoil crops/livestock)

Description: Whenever they manifest, these creatures appear in the form of women encased in rolls of greasy fat, large, bloated tongues fill their mouths. All gorgers have their entrails dangling from their flabby stomachs.

Dramatics: None of a gorger’s mystical powers function while it is indoors or in an enclose space (such as a cave).

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